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YouTrack Python 3 Client Library

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This document describes Python 3 library that wraps YouTrack REST API.


Current implementation of the YouTrack Python 3 Client Library and scripts is compatible with YouTrack 3.x and higher REST API and Python 3.


To install YouTrack Python 3 Client Library:

  pip install dohq-youtrack


  from youtrack.connection import Connection
  connection = Connection('', 'xxx', 'xxx')

Get Issues

  # get one issue
  # get first 10 issues in project JT for query 'for: me #unresolved'
  connection.get_issues('JT', 'for: me #unresolved', 0, 10)

  # get issues from all projects
  connection.get_all_issues('for: me #unresolved', 0, 10)

Create Issue

  connection.create_issue('SB', 'resttest', 'Test issue', 'Test description', '2', 'Bug', 'First', 'Open', '', '', '')

Other Methods

See method of class Connection in youtrack/