DevOpsHQ is a small project with tools for DevOps developers

This is welcome page of the DevOpsHQ project. You can see full russian instruction here.

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DevOpsHQ is a small project that contains tools we use in our daily work. All the tools are licensed under MIT. You are welcome to contribute to our project, help is appreciated.

If you have any questions you can contact project administrators: Alexander Pazdnikov, Timur Gilmullin and Aleksey Burov.

Our goal is to have open source solutions for various aspects of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), such as development, testing, delivery, deployment and licensing. We want to:

  1. Accumulate knowledge related to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methodologies and best practices.
  2. Design and develop tools for continuous ALM support: from committing a line of code to deploying an app at the customer’s infrastructure.
  3. Organize existing CI/CD solutions into a fully-functional system.
  4. Unite developers and companies around that such ALM system.

We also want our tools to be accessible as easily as possible by software companies and individual developers alike.

Our projects

Published tools:

ExampleProject — typical example DevOpsHQ-project. Basic functionality is implemented, such as code quality, build, tests, deploy to pypi and notifications. Travis CI is used for CI/CD. Documentation contains examples and recommendations for deploying a project in a similar manner. Basically, this project can be used as a template for your own DevOpsHQ project.

Projects to be published:

About us

Here are some articles (in Russian):

And some videos from our meetups (also in Russian):