Microsoft TFS Python Library (TFS API Python client)

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Microsoft Team Foundation Server Python Library is a Microsoft TFS API Python client that can work with Microsoft TFS workflow and workitems.

Quick Start

This python library allows:

  1. Get work Items (WI)
  2. Set WI fields
  3. Run WI search queries
  4. Run WIQL
  5. Work with TFVC changesets
  6. Work with TFS Projects
  7. Advanced usage - what is tfs.TFSObject,
    find and add with Workitem relations, links, and information about tfs.TFSHTTPClient
  8. Some other objects available -
    tfs.Changesets, tfs.Project, Team


If you cannot create or update a work item, here are some possible reasons:

  • check if the account you use has enough permissions in the collection/project
  • make sure you follow your workflow, work items might have required fields or any other sort of restrictions
  • verify that the api version fits your team foundation server version

If neither of these helped your case - look through our issues list.

If there is no similar issue - create one.


If you use this library, put a star on this repository. This motivates us and other developers to develop the library :)


  • Tested with Python.3.4
  • TFS 2015
  • TFS 2017

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